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    To download VOTECOM App, simply scan the QR in the user manual or search "VOTECOM" in your App store. It is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.
    To get support from the manufacturer, simply write a email at Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

    1) Charge the camera first. 

    2) Make sure the Wi-Fi quality is good. Note that if the Wi-Fi is not good, when you adjust the resolution of real-time video to a high level, it may also go offline. 

    3) Tap the gear icon in the “Device list” and then “Reconnect” to reconnect it. 

    4) If the reconnection fails, you need to reset it.


    1) Charge the camera before reconnection. Please note that if its power is low, it is probably hard to set up. 

    2) Make sure the Wi-Fi quality is good. To check its signal strength, simply connect your smartphone to this Wi-Fi to see how many bars it shows. Connecting to a Wi-Fi showing 4 or 5 bars is much more probable. 

    3) Please make sure your Wi-Fi router is under 2.4G and DHCP mode (not under MAC Address Access Control mode). You can refer to the user manual of your router for more information or ask the router technical support for help. 

    4) Reset it and reconnect.

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