Beginning from Experiencing in Homes

We are users first and then developers. When we found many gadgets in our daily lives didn’t always make sense, we were willing to do something. We asked ourselves, if a “smart” gadget isn’t easy and reliable, is it what users need? No. You may also give the same answer. It is just regarding technologies, not regarding users. Here, VOTECOM found its own way, being focused on what you, users, need.

Paying attention to daily lives, we look around in homes, use gadgets from ceiling to floor, and find out areas where we can improve users’ experiences. Beginning from experiencing in homes, not thinking in the office, vivid ideas are flowing in our minds. Technologies are just used for fulfilling functions, not for showing off skills. Some gadgets from VOTECOM may not be associated with “smart”, but probably be associated with “easy” and “reliable”. To VOTECOM, that’s enough if done well.

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